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Dr. Dan Hatef

Dan Hatef
6200 Highway 100, Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37203

Meet the Doctor

Recognized as one of Nashville’s top doctors by the American Institute of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Daniel A. Hatef has gained a loyal clientele base in seemingly record time. “Being named as one of the “Ten Best Plastic Surgeons” in the state after just three years in practice means so much to me,” says Dr. Hatef. “I work hard to deliver top-notch care, and to be honored like this is amazing.” Taking into account the emotional aspect of the transformations he performs, he ensures his patients are educated and prepared for the journies that lie ahead. “With my revision rhinoplasty patients having already gone through one or two procedures elsewhere, they may need a lot of hand-holding, which I’m happy to do. Patients undergoing a revision tend to have more swelling and more anxiety about that result.” It’s this specialized attention that ensures his practice continues to grow. “I credit our referral rate to a combination of happy patients with the best results,” adds the doctor.

Injectables Offered

  • Botox Cosmetic
  • Dysport
  • Fat Injections
  • Juvéderm
  • Juvéderm Volbella
  • Juvéderm Vollure
  • Juvéderm Voluma
  • Restylane
  • Restylane Silk
  • Sculptra Aesthetic
  • Voluma XC